“electric… master flute playing… rich and full tone”



On this eclectic album, Boglárka plays rarely-heard repertoire for the flute. Among the featured works are the first recording of Grammy-winner Billy Childs’ flute sonata, and enchanting music from Hungary, Japan, and the US.

Billy Childs: Sonata (mp3)
István Szelényi: Sonata in One Movement (mp3)
Béla Bartók: Three Folk Songs from the County of Csík
Toru Takemitsu: Air (mp3)
Endre Szervánszky: Sonatina
CPE Bach: Hamburg Sonata
Katherine Hoover: Kokopeli (mp3)

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James Below: I Once Was Told

Masterfully crafted, the nostalgic debut album of James Below is enriched by the sounds of an 18 piece orchestra. Boglarka’s contributions are on flute, piccolo and pennywhistle.



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